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Winter Fire Frosty. This is a lovely deep pink cymbidium, with light edging around the petals which give the look of winter frost. This cymbidium flowers in October, with the flowers lasting up to 8 weeks on the plant.

These cool to intermediate growing cymbidiums require a minimum of 7C to 10C during the winter months and prefer a maximum of around 24C during the summer months. Short burst of temperatures outside this range should not affect the plant. The lower temperature during the winter months assists the plant to flower.

My favourites are the Aussies species and crosses..bulding up a the numbers now



Cymbidiums like high levels of sunlight but be careful not to have them in direct sunlight during the heat of the day and early afternoon otherwise the leaves can scorch and burn. The cymbidiums are situated under a shade clothed area. This area enables the morning light to reach the plants, and then as the sun rises, they are out of the direct rays during the hottest time of the day.


These plants have a very thick sponge like covering on their fine roots. This sponge material absorbs water and nutrients to feed the inner roots. Keeping the plant too damp will cause this material to remain waterlogged, which in turn will cause rot, and the plant is likely to die. When watering it is important to flush the water through the pots to remove any remaining build up of fertiliser (salts), thus reducing the likelihood of the root system being burnt.
During summer - plants can be watered several time a week, on hot days (over 30C), it can be an advantage to mist over the plants to help reduce evaporation from the leaves, and to reduce the temperature around the plant.
During winter - plants can be watered every 7 to 10 days. As pots are less likely to dry out in the cooler months, check the pots before watering. If the material in the pots is damp, then leave for another day or two and check again.


During summer - Late spring through summer, plants will enjoy a feed every second or third watering.
During winter - feeding requirements are minimal, due to the plants being in a none or slow growth period.
We feed weekly during late spring to summer, using a majority of organic (horse, cow, sheep manure) and suppliments with inorganic (Aquasol, Orchid mix, powerfeed) fertilisers every third to fourth feed. I then drop this to fortnightly or every three weeks, heading into autumn and then down to once a month over the winter months.

Seasol (soil contidioner)  i use heaps, repotting and monthly to all orchids


For the orchids in pots, I have experimented with several different media mixes. my mix now is Medium pine bark 12mil to 18mil with lower persentage of course perlite, Granite gravel sized to suit bark size and charcoal

Sarah Jean "The Bride

Cymbidiums under shade cloth